A. Marie Davis

A. Marie Davis

A. Marie Davis is a Licensed Social Worker and Transformational Mindset Coach who has been impacting lives for close to 20 years. She started her business from the ground up. Literally! After surviving abuse of all kinds in a long-term relationship and losing everything because of it, God used that experience along with her passion for changing the lives of others to create her Life Enhancement and Personal Transformation business; My Complete 180. 

Using her creative talents, educational background and life experiences, A. Marie has nurtured My Complete 180 into a powerful resource to help other women navigate through the struggles and obstacles they face in their everyday lives. She empowers them to create life changing goals and gives them the tools they need to obtain sustainable change. That is the mission of My Complete 180. Her clients have found that by working corporately with A. Marie their lives have been completely overhauled. They have seen the difference how changing their minds has positively impacted their lives. Mindfulness is everything! If you change the way you think you can transform the way you live.

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