How can you turn your life around when you can’t even admit that you’re going in the wrong direction? Find your way back to YOU in this devotional of how you can get your life back on track no matter the situation or circumstance. My Complete 180 will inspire and empower you to achieve your sustainable transformation. 

What People Are Saying About the 3 Simple Rules? 

"Just finished reading mine. WOW! It was very, very liberating!!! Must come to a book signing to get mine signed." - Connie Knight


"The180 system is what everyone needs in their life. It helped me realize my true purpose in life.”  - Rubin 

“A. Marie simply brings practical solutions to people who are challenged by everyday life experiences. I told her once before that she makes people want to listen and make those changes in their life.” -  Berch Harris, Founder of CWR Network/Cimi World Radio 


Introducing the new book, The Health Coach Collective.  A. Marie has done it again! In her emotional account of losing it all and winning in the end. This collaboration includes a 15 day detox featuring Master Nutritionist Jeanette Chandler. Dr. Marsie Ross is the visionary of this amazing anthology.

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